Energy healing is vast field with volumes of information, I cannot begin to capture all that information in a blog post. My intnetion is to give a friendly, easy to read, synopsis of various areas of interest. This post is designed to be a very rudimentary, explanation of energy healing, later posts will go into more detail.

What is Energy Healing?

Simply put, Healing is the bringing balance to the effected system.  

Everything Is Energy!

My master kept saying time and time again “Everything is energy.”   Yes, every thing is energy including our thoughts, our emotions, our physical bodies, the world surrounding us, even the universe beyond.  All of these energies are vibrating at different frequencies or speeds.  The lower the frequency or slower the vibration the more dense it becomes, congealing to form our physical bodies and the world around us.  When it comes to our thoughts and emotions the same principle holds true.

We all know that negative thoughts and emotions make us feel heavier, bogged down, like we’re carrying a huge weight.  Well, we are!  Negative thoughts and emotions vibrate at a low rate and are low frequency thus weighing down our energy, causing us to feel heavy.  Positive thoughts and emotions such as love and joy vibrate at a faster rate and higher frequency  causing us to feel uplifted and lighter. We’ve all heard the sayings “I’m high on Love”, or I’m giddy with joy.”  We feel light as air with these emotions.

Thoughts and emotions become part of our energy field (the energy that surrounds our bodies) and our physical bodies. Negative thoughts and emotions being of low vibration can build up in our energy fields causing imbalances, blockages, and stagnation of energy flow, which can eventually cause physical illness. Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D. states in his book, A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine: Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation, “It is Likely that many diseases begin not in our physical tissues but as patterns of distortion in our etheric or higher spiritual bodes.” (I’ll discuss the physiology of energy and the body in a later post.)

Let’s try a little exercise. Clap your hands together several times, then rub your palms together vigeroiusly, then seperarteyour hands about an inch. Now, focus on what you can feel between your hands. This might take some practice – not everyone feels this at first. You should feel vibration, or a bit of resistence when you try softly to put your hands together. This is energy. This is part of your energy field.

Note: Energy Healing is an alternative healing practice that can be very powerful but should not be used solely without medical evaluations.