sheila Jan 2017

My Story

Wow, how does one talk about themselves without sounding… (you fill in the blank).  I guess I’ll just give you a bit of a road map to the development of myself as a Magdalena Energy Practitioner.  

As a young child I always wanted to help others and to spread love.  As I grew older other children in the neighborhood recognized the healer in me before I did.  They would bring me injured animals and expect me to heal them.  I was only about 6 years old and hadn’t awoken the healer within yet, but I tried anyway.  By the time I was seven I had an epiphany –  I was to grow up, heal from the wounds of my severe childhood, and become a healer.  In response to that insight I have spent my life shaping myself into someone who can help others.

I earned and undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Development and Family Studies with a minor in Cognitive Behavior Psychology.  I then went on to earn a Master’s in Clinical Psychology.  Back then I though psychology was the Holy Grail of healing.  I knew I couldn’t take anyone where I hadn’t been myself so I put myself through years of psychotherapy.  It was a grueling experience that left me feeling more broken than healed.  Yet, I continued on my path and held various positions in the mental health field ranging from Counselor/Therapist to Program Developer and Administrator.  Nothing I did felt like a good fit for me, something was missing and I didn’t know what.

Then about a year before my son was to move off to college my world began to crumble.  A landslide or rather a “life-slide” was occurring and I couldn’t stop it.  Around that time, an Enlightened Master entered my life.  You know they say, “When the student is ready the Master will come,” they just never say how this occurs.  Before I knew it I was living at my Master’s ashram, my life totally unraveled, and not knowing a thing about what was happening. 

I have spent the last twelve years learning and experiencing the power of the Divine to heal.  All of this has culminated in me entering into the very intensive Mary Magdalena Energy Practitioner training program that prepared me to be a clear conduit of Magdalena Energy frequencies to use in assisting others in their transformation.   

I now offer myself as a conduit of these energies for my clients.  I have found the piece that had been missing from my therapy work – the power of Divine Love, Light, and Energy to transform. 

I welcome you to enter into the knowing of you at a Whole New Level.  Come an experience what a session with these divine frequencies can do for you.

Next Steps

I invite you to take a moment and nourish your inner being by reading an article or by contacting me personally for personal coaching/counseling or a private energy session.