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Hello, Thank You for visiting my site!  My name is Sheila Furth,  I am a Certified Magdalena Energy Practitioner.   My guess is, you have some questions and not much time to spend reading pages of information.  This post provides a brief introduction to my work.  Further posts will delve deeper into the vast arena of energy healing.

Who am I and what makes me qualified to serve you?

I come from a psychology background with and undergrad degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology.  I also hold a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Woman’s issues and Art Therapy.  After working in the psychology field for over twenty years I had a huge spiritual awakening that coincided with an Enlightened Master entering my life.  I’ve spent over 12 years working and studying with my master including engaging in intensive training in Mary Magdalena energy work.  It is now my great honor to be a vehicle for these healing frequencies.